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Jan. 19, 2021


This trailer is an introduction to Her Sexual Space Podcast host- Janice Leonard. The host includes her mission, targeted audience, and Podcast expectations. The teasers include clips from upcoming episodes with Janelle King and Brandie Sellers to connect with the listeners.

Launching February 9th, this is Her Sexual Space podcast with me, Janice Leonard. A podcast where we create a sex-positive space to engage in empowering discussions for building relational and sexual awareness. Each week, we will release provocative dialogues that integrate wellness strategies, sex -education, tools, and resources with radical ideas to cultivate the relationships we desire. 

This season is all about women,  Growing up in a conservative culture that teaches the female body is to be “saved and given to a husband” has lots of problematic effects on adult sexuality. Often, this type of messaging teaches that sex is dangerous which can lead to low libido, sexual pain, and sexual shame in adulthood. 

If you are a female between the ages of 17 to 100 experiencing conflicting feelings about the messages you received from your caregivers about sex versus the sex you crave then “Her Sexual Space Podcast” is for you!  If you like what you hear share and discuss with us on Instagram @hersexualspacepodcast


Created by Janice Leonard

Production by Vibez Productionz