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Feb. 9, 2021

Sexual affirmations & You w/ Latoya Lane

Your host Janice and her guest Latoya Lane share an exciting conversation about implementing affirmations as the first step to sexual liberation.

In this first episode, we have a sex coach and sexologist based in Barbados. Latoya Lane of Pillow Talk Caribbean is here to talk about sexual affirmations and how she implements them in her work with her clients in the Caribbean. Latoya is dropping gems in this entire episode!  

She uncovers common trends in her work and her approach to addressing the complexities of sexuality in a culture that is conservative, with purity embedded at its core. If you are on the journey to deconstructing your own sexual attitude and beliefs then this episode is for you!

Resources mentioned-

Worksheets- https://www.autostraddle.com/you-need-help-here-is-a-worksheet-to-help-you-talk-to-partners-about-sex-237385/

Sexuality Coaching Program- https://drrachaelinstitute.com/

Guest info-

Latoya Lane| Email- pillowtalkcaribbean@gmail.com |Instagram- @pillowtalkcaribbean|Facebook- Pillow Talk Caribbean

Podcast Host info-

Janice Leonard| Email- janice@hersexualspace.com| Instagram- @hersexualspacepodcast| Website- www.hersexualspace.com

Her Sexual Space is an independent podcast created and hosted by Janice Leonard. Produced by Vibez Productionz.

Latoya LaneProfile Photo

Latoya Lane

Sex Coach, Sexologist

Latoya Lane, a sexual and reproductive health educator, sexologist, sex coach, and birth doula in training. Latoya has more than 10 years of experience in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights with the Barbados Family Planning Association and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. She brings a wealth of knowledge and information from a sex-positive perspective on female pleasure and sexual health.

Her business Pillow Talk Caribbean is currently evolving into a sexual health coaching clinic and research center where she plans to assist Barbadian and Caribbean women by extension, to understand and grow their sexual selves.