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May 4, 2021

Self Care w/ Fiona Francis

In this final episode for this season, not only do we have another clinician of color, we have a #Caribbeangal! #Gramfam! Fiona Francis is here to chat with Janice about work-life integration and of course Self Care, including ways to preserve your sexual health! She is dropping gems this entire episode and sharing some of her favorite self-care practices.

Fiona Francis is a mother, psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and advocate. She is the CEO of The therapeutic village, LLC, geared towards providing holistic psychotherapy and Village remedies, a wellness  company that provides all-natural products for optimal holistic health. 

If you're looking to strengthen your self-care and sex care practices then check out this episode.


Guest info-

Fiona Francis

Email: ffrancis@thetherapeuticvillage.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therapeuticvillage/

Website: http://thetherapeuticvillage.com/


Podcast Host info-

Janice Leonard

Email: janice@hersexualspace.com

Instagram: @hersexualspacepodcast

Website: www.hersexualspace.com


Her Sexual Space is an independent podcast created and hosted by Janice Leonard. Produced by Vibez Productionz.

Fiona FrancisProfile Photo

Fiona Francis

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Fiona Francis is a mother, Psychotherapist, entrepreneur, advocate, and a two-time graduate of Grambling State University. Originating from the Caribbean Island of Dominica, Fiona migrated as a young adult in an effort to obtain higher education in the state of Massachusetts. During her tenure at Quincy College, MA Fiona felt like she needed more, she quotes “ I don’t’ know what it was but it wasn’t enough for me” and when the opportunity of attending an HBCU presented itself she took it. Fiona enrolled at Grambling State University in 2006. During her tenure at Grambling State University Fiona was the two-time recipient of the Title V student scholarship and the ABSW student scholarship awardee. As a student at Grambling State, she served as treasurer, Social club president, and board member of Phi Alpha Honor Society, Pi Gamma Mu, Golden Key Honor Society, and who’s who amongst American College and Universities.

In 2019 Ms. Fiona was awarded Social Worker of the year by the National Association of Black Social Workers. Fiona has managed to serve in many capacities as a Social Worker. She has had the opportunity to serve as an intern with the Dept of Children and Families, Swanson Juvenile center in Monroe LA, Mental Health Professional, Case Manager, Applied Behavioral Analysis specialist, Hospice Social worker, Medical Social worker, and most recently serves as the C.E.O of the Therapeutic Village; LLC her Private Therapy Practice geared at providing holistic psychotherapy to the population that warrants it & Village Remedies, a wellness company that provides all-natural products for optimal holistic health. Ms. Francis is also the Clinical Director of Cognitive Institute Inc., a Mental Health Rehabilitation Agency serving clients across 5 parishes with a lifespan of over 20 years.

Fiona has also served as a Social Worker in other states across the country but is currently practicing in Shreveport LA. In her practice, she is highly passionate and emphasizes the importance of self-care, both for her clients and her colleagues. Ms. Francis’ vision and mission is to promote optimal holistic wellness to achieve wholeness.