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So Needed and Helpful!

I am so thankful I found Janice and Her Sexual Space podcast! No topic is too taboo or off limits. The information you get is the answers to all the questions you have that most healthcare professionals don’t talk about. This is a most needed resource for myself and my patients!!!

Don’t sleep on this podcast it’s AMAZING!!!

I love this podcast! As a woman who is open minded and interested in learning more about my body and this podcast NEVER disappoints me. The host always brings interesting topics and great guest!!!! If your on the fence about giving this show a shot DONT HESITATE!!!!!!

Such a needed platform

I absolutely love Janice, her energy, and the why behind her sexual space podcast. So many women shy away from all things sex related, but yet we’re all curious to know. She normalizes sex for us AND with the podcast it allows us to listen to it in the comfort and privacy of our homes, cars, at work etc. Absolutely a great podcast to follow.

Amazing podcast!

I love this podcast so much!!! Janice is always bringing such powerful topics to the show. I listen faithfully every week.

Very interesting podcast!

This is a very honest and open podcast. As a man, it’s helped me understand the women in my life better. I really appreciate this show!

Loved it!

Episode 1 was fantastic. It was entertaining, informative and engaging. I really enjoyed the guest speaker. I can’t wait to hear more... keep them coming Janice!


Super excited for this podcast! Can’t wait for all that we will learn from this rising star in the field of sexual health!!