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Shani Victorin

Shani is the regional Master Trainer of Socacize, St.Lucia. Shani is a graduate of Trent University in Ontario, Canada, where she received a BSc in Environmental & Resource Science, and then pursued continuing education in Theatre Arts and Dance with the University of the West Indies. Shani is a teacher of Mathematics, English, science and Theatre Arts

Movement and dance are words that have been integral in the life of Shani. To Shani, movement is life. "Every emotion that is felt, understood or not, can be communicated through movement. I have conversations with God, myself, and others through movement. The way I walk, the gestures I make while I talk, even the curl of my lips in a smile is part of my life dance."

Movement Sensuality Self-Care Dance

Movement & Sensuality w/ Shani Victorin

March 16, 2021

SEXY.SULTRY.STRONG. This week’s episode is all about movement and connecting the dots for achieving optimum pleasure using tips and skills from SocaCize Slu!